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The industry is changing fast, with added pressure on your team to deliver the best work, faster-and on increasingly complicated projects. For Building Construction Services Consultant & Contractors, BIM is an essential part of adapting to new expectations. With improved collaboration throughout the project lifecycle, savings in time and money, and new capabilities like precision prefabrication. Our team will assist you with modern digital tools and processes.

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Our Features

Neovia Consult is a global studio for sustainability, engineering, and industrial design, working in a range of building Service Engineering sectors from residential, commercial, healthcare, industrial, pharmaceutical, retail, hospitality and leisure.

Global Design Center

GDC provides a world-class design and engineering delivery team and serves as a global resource pool for the Company that delivers multidisciplinary resources to support local teams in other regions with quality, agile and efficient design services.

Advanced Digital Tools

We use state-of-the-art tools to improve quality, time and provide solutions tailored to project needs.

BIM & Digital Delivery

We use our extensive experience in digital engineering to ensure that your projects achieve significant end-to-end efficiencies during the design and delivery phases.


About us

Why Our Firm?

Neovia Consult is a global studio for sustainable, engineering, and industrial design.

Sustainability is at the heart of our design approach. We audit projects against global standards as well as our own, more comprehensive, Responsibility Framework.
We have always believed that good, responsible design is only possible with significant contributions from different disciplines. Our team work closely with our specialist design teams throughout the process to deliver an integrated vision.
This integrated design team is complemented by a range of other disciplines including design management, design communications, visualisation and film, communications, model making and our materials research center.

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Our Services

Building Services Engineering

we are passionate about efficiency, reliability, and thermal comfort. With mechanical services are the largest single use of energy in building formation.

Fire Engineering

The Fire Consulting Engineers' main aim is to provide clients with cost-effective and proficient design solutions to protect people and property from smoke and fire incidents.

Building Performance Services (BPS)

The greenest building is the one that already exists. Through assessing building performance services we aim to reduce operating costs, improve user comfort and increase asset value.

BIM & Digital Engineering

The Future of Building Information Modelling & Digital Delivery, With technology advancing robust Building drawing, Information Modelling design..


We have specialist in-house teams for carbon impact assessments, environmental analysis, workplace design, environmental and structural engineer.

Design Management Consultancy

The entire life-cycle of a building is determined by effective design management. Design management is a process of managing people, resources, and innovative technologies like Home 3D design.